Intelligent Security

Security may be the buzzword these days, but our security practice is more than just buzz. We believe there are three pillars of importance in the security space: Identity, Devices, and Data. Our team of experts can help you secure and manage all three pillars, helping you feel confident that your business is secure.


Users and their identity are one of the pillars in our security practice and a common path of vulnerability in an organization. Our experts can help you design, implement, and manage identity solutions and reduce the efforts around integration and lifecycle of your identities. As partners with One Identity, SailPoint, and Microsoft, we can help you manage identity lifecycles across your many platforms, and business access through SSO and elevated privilege access.


Ensuring devices and applications are up to date and protected, helps stabilize the second pillar in our security practice. Our experts help you keep your devices and endpoints current and patched, and implementing and managing systems to permit trusted devices access to your data and systems. Leveraging conditional policies like those through Microsoft, we can help you determine real time risk and implement solutions that control what and where devices access your business, whether your business is conducted inside your offices or outside across the globe.


Our security experts can help you design, implement, and manage solutions that protect your data, while at rest or in transit. The last pillar in our security practice is often the most neglected in organizations because of the complexity of effort and breadth of challenge. We can help implement practices to secure the data, enable secure use, and prevent access of data in the event of a compromise or misuse.

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