Risk Assessment

  • The Purdue Model for ICS helps create segregation for OT devices from your IT environment

    The Purdue Model: Securing your IT from OT

    Implementing OT Security following the Purdue Model involves establishing a multi-layered defense strategy to protect the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of manufacturing systems and data. We’re excited to share insights from a recent initiative where we assisted a Medical Device Manufacturer in bolstering their Operational Technology (OT) security framework and mitigating associated risks using the…

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  • The importance of a Vendor Risk Assessment?

    In today’s interconnected business environment, vendor risk assessments play a pivotal role in maintaining operational integrity. They act as a shield, protecting your organization from data breaches, service disruptions, financial losses, and legal penalties. With the landscape of digital threats constantly evolving, ensuring your vendors uphold stringent cybersecurity standards is more crucial than ever.

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